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The Good Life.

Juno was surrendered by her owners at the age of 2. Sometimes adopters overlook adoptable dogs if they are over a certain age. We all enjoy a fun puppy, but we should never underestimate the love that an adult dog can give. Juno stayed in foster for a while, waiting for a new family to come along. The day that Juno found her new forever home was a great day for all of us at HFG. We are so happy for Juno. Her dad sent us an update and some photos of Juno playing in the snow in Vermont. Boy, does she have it good!

Just a quick update from the green mountains of Vermont.

Juno is doing great! She has thousands of acres to roam in the green
mountain national forest which is my backyard but prefers to stay within a few hundred feet of the house. She loves going on long snowshoe treks on the trails and gets along very well with the other dogs up here. There’s one young female that she particularly likes and they play and wrestle for hours.

I’m looking forward to the warm summer months back on long island
where she can roam on the beach and swim in the ocean.

I know it was hard for you to see her go so I’ve attached a few pictures of her out on the trails.

keep up the good work!

mike m.


Looks like Juno now has the life that she always deserved! Thank you to her new forever family for giving her another chance.