Foster Family of the Month – May 2023! 💛✨


Home for Good Dog Rescue is excited to announce our Foster Family of the Month, the DeSerio family! Every month, we select a foster family that has gone above and beyond to provide a safe and loving home for our furry friends in need. This month, we’re proud to honor the DeSerio family for their dedication and commitment to our rescue mission. Their selflessness and love for animals have truly made a difference in the lives of our dogs, and we’re grateful to have them as part of our foster family community. Join us in congratulating the DeSerio family and learn more about their incredible journey as Home for Good Dog Rescue’s Foster Family of the Month.

1. Why did you start fostering?

One of my close friends (thank you, Jill!) started fostering years ago and I thought it was an awesome way to help the animals I love most – dogs. My husband and I also had a great experience adopting our own dog, Stella, so we wanted to pay it forward for others someday. At the time we were living in an apartment in Jersey City so we were limited on space, but we bought a house in 2020 and I signed up to foster through HFGDR shortly after.

2. What would you say to someone who is considering fostering?

If you have the time and interest, it is well worth it. It’s so disheartening to see many of the origin stories of the dogs. Being able to play a small role in helping them land in a forever home and transform into happy, playful pets is extremely rewarding.

3. How long have you been fostering with Home For Good Dog Rescue?

This summer will be three years!

4. Have you learned anything by fostering rescue dogs?

Dogs are resilient and adapt to new situations well – with care and patience, they will always come into their own, each having a unique, lovable personality. I learned that even the most severe cases (extreme aversion to people, separation anxiety, house training etc) can be cured with proper care. Additionally, dogs love a routine. It’s super impressive how quickly most learn the times of their walks, food, and playtime (which is usually within a few days!)

5. Was it hard to say goodbye to your first foster?

Our first foster ended up getting adopted very quickly, so I was not too attached. However, over the years we’ve had others for longer time periods, and it is definitely bittersweet to say goodbye. I usually delegate the adoption event drop-offs to my husband so I don’t cry! That said, it’s awesome seeing the adoption pictures and updates with their new forever owners.

6. Does one foster dog stick out to you?

Benny – he was returned to HFGDR after years with his original adopters. He was extremely anxious and confused when he first came home with us; it was heartbreaking that overnight his previous home was taken away from him. We fostered him for nearly five months, and he quickly fell into a happy routine with us and Stella. Luckily, he was adopted into a loving family with a dog for Benny to play with. This goes to show that in due time, every dog can find their home for good.
In addition to Benny, our current foster, Dusty, has already left an imprint on us. He arrived as a feral dog from the South, initially terrified of people. He has slowly but surely made progress and adjusted to our home, becoming fast friends with Stella. He is a super sweet, easy-going boy who will be a great addition to his future forever home.

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