Home for Good Pavers

To purchase a paver please click here.

This holiday season give the gift of a lasting tribute.

A great way to preserve the memory of a family member, pet or to show support for Home for Good Dog Rescue.”

The pavers will be installed in our front walkway leading up to the Home for Good Dog Rescue offices in Berkeley Heights, NJ for all to see.

Once purchased, the pavers will be installed within several weeks.

Pavers can also be purchased from our Shoppe in Berkeley Heights.

If you have any questions please call: (908) 263-7358


Sizes available:

Small (8″x4″) paver $75 each.

Message: 15 spaces per line, 3 lines maximum.

Medium (9″x6″) paver $100 each.

Message: 16 spaces per line, 4 lines maximum.

Large (8″x8″) paver $150 each.

Message: 15 spaces per line, 6 lines maximum.