Please allow at least 30 minutes to complete the adoption application. Since this is an email form, there is no way to partially save it. You must complete the form entirely before it will save successfully.

DISCLAIMER: Prior to completing this adoption application, please note the following:

  • Applications take a minimum of 3-5 BUSINESS days to be fully processed. Please do not call for status updates on your application if it has not been longer than this time period. 
  • All communication regarding adoption applications is done via EMAIL, not by phone. 
  • An immediate “application received” email is NOT SENT upon completion of the application. An email will be sent to you once a volunteer has begun processing your application (this can take 3-5 days).
  • If you submit an application the morning of an adoption event (or shortly prior) and do not receive an approval DO NOT EXPECT TO TAKE A DOG HOME that day. 
  • If you receive an adoption application approval and fail to bring your entire family and (if you have) canine to an adoption event NO DOG WILL BE RELEASED TO YOUR FAMILY.
  • Applications are processed based on AGE-GROUP, not specific dog. Therefore, if your application is approved and the dog you are interested in has since been adopted, your approval is good for any dog on our website within the AGE GROUP you were approved for.
  • Applications are valid for a 3-MONTH-PERIOD. If you received an approval more than 3 months ago, please submit a new application. 

As a 100%-foster-based dog rescue, WE DO NOT HAVE A SHELTER FACILITY. All dogs reside in temporary foster homes in NJ until adopted.

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