Laura has been fostering dogs for us at Home for Good Dog Rescue for since October 2018, and in that time has looked after 42 dogs.



I have been fostering for Home for Good since October 2018. I had wanted to foster for a long time. I had been volunteering with Home for Good for 3 or 4 years, helping with transport arrivals.

I was nervous about fostering because I liked dogs so much. I was afraid that I would get attached and it would be difficult to see the dogs go. But in the Fall, I had been through some difficult personal things and I needed something different and something snuggly to love so I reached out. The foster coordinator got in touch and we went from there.



The first dog we were set up to foster was Stella, an Australian Shepherd puppy. She was great, we were all heartbroken when she left.

In total I have fostered 42 dogs. It makes me feel amazing, it’s just absolutely incredible. There’s not a lot of things in your life that you get to do that you can feel you made a tangible difference in the world. And you get that positive feedback from it. I can see it; I can see that I have made a difference. One of my favorite things is going to the meet and greets and seeing the families. They are so excited, and I think “Wow I helped facilitate this. Taking this little ball of fluff, that would have been who even knows where, and I’ve helped it bring joy to another family.” It’s incredible.

I remember bringing Ophelia home to foster with her puppies. And I remember looking at her and thinking this is one of the most magical moments in my life, the puppies were sitting nursing on her and she had her head on my lap and I could just pet her. I can see a theme through all the dogs that really touches my heart is that when they come here, they are so scared, hiding under things. When you see that they have got to the point where they are content and happy, it feels incredible.

Home for Good does such an amazing job of making sure the dogs are going to really good homes that I know they are going somewhere great. So that helps me in letting them go.



My advice to other potential fosters is to not worry about getting too attached to the dogs, don’t let that hold you back because the amount of love and joy that it brings into your life is so worth it. It also helps to figure out what kind of dogs work best for your household. The bigger dogs weren’t a great fit here and the foster coordinator did an amazing job of listening and finding dogs that worked with our home. It just requires being organized to be successful with this. I have 13 dogs in my house right now, and it’s a lot. But if you have a schedule and a routine it works great. Just don’t be stressed out about pee on the floor!

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